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Are you tired of using the same old Tulsa electrician? Do you need the best electric service in Tulsa that’s very knowledgeable and thorough? Are you looking to work with an honest business that has integrity? Are you looking for an electrician that will treat you well and with respect? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then please don’t hesistate to give us a call at 918-361-6846 or visit our website at www.tulsaelectricllc.com for a free estimate. We are definitly looking forward to working with you in any and every way possible we gurantee you that!

Now maybe you’re won dering what sets us apart from the rest if the competition and we would love to tell you why. Being a Tulsa electrician is something we pride ourselves in and that is shown in the way we treat our customers and do our job. We pride ourselves on having exemplary customer service. In fact, Tulsa Electric of Electrician’s Tulsa’s professionalism and friendliness won out over other widely advertised companies who wanted to charge a large sum for estimates. Evverything we do is done with a high standard of excellence including when we work for you. We want to do whatever we possible can to make you happy and see that we know what we are doing.

We have been the leader in electrician services in Oklahoma and various parts of Texas for over 30 years! Because of our years of experience, we know exactly what needs to be done to meet and exceed your wants and needs. We hold an Oklahoma State contractors liscense as well as an A+ credit rating. Rex Dorse, co-owner of Tulsa Electric of Electrician Tulsa, has over 25 years of electrical construction experience, over 21 years as a liscensed journeyman wireman, and over 17 years as a certified electrical industry instructor. Jayson Shellady, co-owner of Tulsa Electric, LLC of Electician Tulsa, has over 17 years of electrical construction experience in the Tulsa area, an Oklahoma licensed journeyman, and an Oklahoma licened contractor. Our owners have the knowledge and expertise to the job done the right way the first time, properly and efficiently. We are definitely the right choice for you!

We offer a wide array of servies. Our services include camera isntlls, control panel wiring, light installations, troubleshooting, and minor construction. We also servies commercial, industrial, and residential porperties. You will definitely be pleased by our services. We offeer so mnay services so we are truly confident that we can fulfill your needs reagardless of what they may be. A quick reminder that we do offer free estimates! Don’t miss out on the wonderful opportunity!

I hope that we have convinced you of this once in a lifetime opportunity! We offer the best services in Oklahoma and in some parts of Texas. Our customer service is out of tis world. We want to become apart of the family. So Please do not hesistate to give us a call today at 918-361-6846 or visit our website at www.tulsaelectricllc.com.

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This article was written for Tulsa Electric LLC.

Are you ready for your Tulsa electrician? Did you not get the results you expected to have? Like you got ripped off? If so, we have good news for you, Tulsa Electric will have you from getting frustrated and provide you the best service at a fair price. You hired enough contractors and paid without trusting them. Let us help you regain your trust by providing you with the best servivce in the area. Call us today to get your projects going at 918-361-6846.

Do you want to hire someone with great customer service skills? Well you have ran into the right Tulsa Electrician. We’ll take care of you no matter what. This is a great opportunity to experience the best customer service tht a contractor has to offer. I know working with contractors can be a slippery slope, but we guarentee that you won’t be disappointed in our services. WE can help take your electrical needs to the next level. You will not be disappointed in our services as they are great and our employees.

Our company has been competeing against other electrical businesses for thrity years. Being around for that long has given us an advantage in the market. In al of our thirty years of serving, we have never, not once, taken advantage of our customers. We are always making sure that they have everything they need that they paid for and go the extra mile if needed. We hold all the licsencing and qualificiations required to get the job done. We can work everthing out for you. We’ve had customers who have given us good reviews on good and on our website. If you go on out website or Google reviews, you will all the testomials of what we have done for our customers.

Did you see what services we have on our website? If you haven’t then you should make every effort to make that hapeen. Our services are minor custruction and troubleshooting projects. We offer services to industiral, commerical, and residental property no matter the work. Did I mention that we also do camera installs,and controlpanel wiring. No mater what it is, we will take care of you. Don’t worry about how much the jobs cost. We offer free esitmates for all your jobs so you know what to expect with out any hassle. All of our electricians hold all the qualifications to get the work done safe and with quality. Our electricians are also instructors at Electrical Training Alliance.

Have you decided on hiring us? If you haven’t I’d strongly reccomand that you do because all of our work is high quality. We have thirty years of work epxerience, completed jobs, and satified customers. Customer Service is a lifetime goal for our company so you will never get treated poorly and our free stimates will be free. For more informaion concerning Tulsa Electric then give a call now 918-361-6846.