LED High Bay UpgradeElectrician Tulsa at Tulsa electric are very capable of installing commercial electrical systems. The term commercial applies to a wide variety of applications. Local municipalities determine whether land is used for commercial purposes. Commercial property can house small machine shops, retail shopping, multi family dwelling units, small manufacturing facilities, and a variety of light industry. Commercial electrical work is the same as commercial property, it can vary widely depending on the upon the facility. Tulsa electric are experts in designing and installing an electrical systems that will accommodate our customers needs.

Electrical systems in a commercial application are built more durable than residential systems, but not as durable as industrial systems. Commercial electrical systems are mostly accessible. Residential electrical systems are mostly enclosed in the ceilings, walls, and crawl spaces. Commercial electrical systems usually utilize EMT, metal clad (MC) cable, metal boxes, and specific type hangers and fastening devices. Commercial applications sometimes use rigid pipe, IMC, and PVC as raceways. Electrician Tulsa at Tulsa electric are very skilled at installing all of these raceways in a commercial setting.

Tulsa electric installs services on commercial buildings. Electricians Tulsa at Tulsa electric provide commercial buildings with the proper size service for the building application. Tulsa electric will install multiple services on a commercial space. Multiple services let the utility meter each individual space, so each tenant pays their own electric bill. Meter banks are common on apartment complexes. Electrical services for commercial buildings may range anywhere from 200 amps to 400 amps, or larger. The service largely depends on the demand of the tenants in the building. The commercial electrical system may need to be three-phase or single phase depending on the application. A well-planned electrical service will provide a means for expansion, years of trouble free service, and accommodate a wide variety of tenants.

Electricians Tulsa at Tulsa electric can provide commercial spaces with and electrical system that will serve their very specific needs. Commercial space may be used for a wide variety of tenents. Electrician of Tulsa will make sure the electrical system accommodates any machinery associated with a manufacturing, retail, or work space. A manufacturing or workshop may utilize drill presses, lathe, brakes, air compressors, and a variety of other electric tools. Tulsa Electric will accommodate the load factor of current and future tooling with the appropriate electrical system. Commercial spaces used for retail frequently use a lot of lighting. Commercial lighting utilizes lighting for showroom, workspace, signage, emergency, and parking. Tulsa electric installs energy management systems, lighting contacts, time clocks, and photo cells to automate much of the lighting. Automatic lighting features are energy efficient and take the human factor out of turning on and off the lights. Tulsa electric understands retail space lighting demands. The lighting loads for commercial retail space can be significant. Electrician Tulsa at Tulsa electric are skilled at light placement fixture installation, and lighting load calculations.

Commercial space is everywhere. Commercial applications also include light manufacturing facilities. By light manufacturing we’re talking about small assembly lines, small process management, and small machine shops. These commercial demands are significant. Some of these applications include process controls. Tulsa electric an electrician Tulsa can install, maintain and troubleshoot any commercial electrical system. Tulsa electric and our employees realize the need for economical installation of commercial electrical systems in these facilities. Commercial electrical systems are frequently engineered by an engineering or architectural firm to the specific customer’s needs. Tulsa electric works hand-in-hand with engineers and architectural firms to design and build fully functional electrical systems. Electrician Tulsa provides the best value electrical system available. Commercial electrical demands grow daily and Tulsa Electric is here to meet the demand of commercial requirements.

The physical construction of commercial space is very different from the construction of your home. Commercial construction consists of a light steel or metal framing. The interior is made largely of metal studs. The ceiling is usually a suspended or drop in ceiling that is supported from the roof joists or concrete floor above. Commercial building construction requires an electrical contractor like Tulsa electric to get creative when supporting their conduit, and supporting their fixtures. Commercial electrical construction can be time-consuming to an unexperienced electrician. Tulsa electric utilizes the electrician Tulsa and completes commercial electrical projects on time and on budget.

Commercial spaces are largely open to the public. Tulsa electric knows the National Electric Code and practice safe work practices when the public are involved. Electrician Tulsa at Tulsa electric make commercial wiring code compliant, and safe for the general public. The same inspection process that goes with residential wiring can be applied to commercial wiring. First a temporary service is installed. A temporary service gives construction crews access to power to run power tools , power break trailers, and task lighting. Tulsa electric calls a temporary power inspection and is passed, the construction continues and Electrician Tulsa prepare for rough in. Rough in includes installing panels, installing branch circuits, properly supporting raceways, installing fire alarm, phone, data, and pulling wire. Tulsa electric passes rough in inspection by the jurisdiction having authority, and we get ready for the next inspection, the top out. The top out of a commercial space will include installing switches, receptacles, data jacks, and lighting fixtures. Top out inspection passes and the sheet rock, wallcoverings and accessories like the drop-in ceiling can be installed. A certificate of occupancy can then be issued when all trades get a final inspection.

Tulsa electric and electrician Tulsa are Tulsa’s primer commercial electrical contractor. Tulsa electric has the skills, attitude, and knowledge to install and maintain all electrical systems. The construction of commercial property is booming nationwide. Electricians of Tulsa have the tools to perform the task of installing a superior electrical system. Commercial electrical systems are installed differently the residential systems, and require different tools, and wiring methods. One of the biggest differences is the holes for wire are punched in the metal studs on site. A special tool is used for striping the jacket off MC cable to expose the conductors. Tulsa electric excels at commercial electrical construction.