Electrical Training

Removing Safety Grounds 3Electrician at Tulsa Electric believes that a highly skilled workforce is one key to a successful business. With our vast experience in the electrician industry, we can help develop your maintenance electrician Tulsa employees into a knowledgeable workforce that will ultimately save you time and money by increasing reliability and safety in the workplace.

Our electrician at Tulsa Electric employees have gone through an extensive training program. All our electrician at Tulsa Electric employees have gone through training that allows them to learn all facets of the electrician industry. Electrician Tulsa Electric receive training in construction industry standards and best practices such as the National Electric Code, construction techniques, as well as the latest technology available. Electrician at Tulsa Electric employees receive ongoing upgrade training as well. This makes the electrician Tulsa Electric employees the most well rounded and safest craftsmen in the business.

Electrician at Tulsa Electric can help your maintenance electrician workforce become safer, more efficient, and knowledgeable in several key areas such as, Electrical Safety in the Workplace. Your electrician workforce may know this to be called Arc Flash Safety. Basically, Arc Flash Safety is a generic term used for the Document NFPA 70E, Electrical Safety in the Workplace. Electrician Tulsa Electric understands that this can be a very confusing document. In short, the document lays out specific safety rules for the electrician industry.

Electrician at Tulsa Electric has had extensive training in NFPA 70E and can provide a training program for your company to meet the requirements of the standard. The requirements are basically, to create a safe work environment for your employees. The standard lays out several ways to do that. Electrician Tulsa Electric understands that this is where it can get confusing for employers. There are standards in the document that apply to qualified workers (your electrician workforce) and your unqualified workers (operations and others workforce). We will start with unqualified workers.

Electrician at Tulsa Electric wants to be clear in defining what an unqualified worker is.

NFPA 70E defines an unqualified person as simply “a person who is not a qualified person.”. There are two kinds of unqualified persons: An unqualified electrician who does not know the equipment or has not received safety training on the potential hazards involved.

These types of workers are not part of the electrician workforce and have not received any training in the electrician workforce industry. These workers are simply trained in certain aspects such as when to reset circuit breakers, spot hazardous conditions, and the isolation of hazardous electrical energy. Electrician Tulsa Electric can provide a comprehensive training program for these workers. Once trained, these workers will become more proficient at their daily tasks.

Electrician at Tulsa Electric focus will be the qualified workers. Electrician Tulsa Electric will use the NFPA 70E definition to describe those workers as well.

The standard defines a Qualified Person as one who “shall be trained and knowledgeable of the construction and operation of equipment or a specific work method and be trained to Recognize and avoid the electrical hazards that might be present with respect to that equipment or work method.”

As stated in the standard, electrician workforce workers that are qualified, must be properly trained. Overall, whatever the task is, it must be made safe. First and foremost, the electrician workforce must recognize electrician hazards when the exist and must be able to avoid those hazards.

Electrician at Tulsa Electric can help define those hazards with extensive training through classroom presentation. The classroom presentation will allow the student electrician to ask questions, participate in discussions, and see what hazards exist in their own workplace. A large part of any electrical distribution system can have noticeable hazards without even exposing the electrician employees to energized conductors. Equipment such as panel boards and disconnects can be hazardous to operate. The interesting thing is, your unqualified workers in most cases, can operate this equipment legally. If it is dangerous for your qualified workers, it is dangerous for your unqualified workers.

Electrician at Tulsa Electric completely understands routine electrical maintenance can be limited due to production necessities. Electrician Tulsa Electric can make recommendations for maintaining equipment regarding production and build a preventative maintenance program to best suit your facility needs. This program can be built around the electrician safety program as, they both go hand in hand. If there is a noticeable issue with a piece of electrical equipment on the outside, chances are, there is an issue on the inside.

Electrician at Tulsa Electric will help identify these issues and train your electrician workforce how to recognize them as well. Electrician Tulsa Electric will define the terms and definitions that your electrician employee workforce need to keep safe. A lot of training sessions consist of just training for Arc Flash. The 70E Standard makes it clear that there are two hazards involved. Arc Flash/Arc Blast and Shock/Electrocution. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide protection for both. The employer must provide training and Personnel Protective Equipment and training.

The employer must provide training is the selection of the personnel protective equipment. The electrician workforce must be trained how to effectively use the personnel protective equipment. Electrician at Tulsa Electric can help with training in the proper selection of personnel protective equipment and the proper tools required to work in the specific boundaries related to the exposed energized conductors of equipment.

Employers of electrician workforces basically have two options for applying NFPA 70E. The standard basically states that an electrically safe work condition must be in place. That means that there are no energized conductors near the electrician workforce employees. If that condition cannot be met, the electrician workforce must utilize the proper personnel protective equipment made available to them, by their employer. One thing to keep in mind, there are different levels of personnel protective equipment available. Personnel protective equipment cannot be properly selected unless the incident energy level is known. That can only be known and understood when a electrical incident energy level study has been performed. Electrician Tulsa Electric can provide the training based on the electrical incident energy level study. Electrician at Tulsa Electric does not actually perform the study. A competent engineering firm performs the study. Electrician Tulsa Electric has engineering resources to assist with the study, if needed.

It is the experience of electrician at Tulsa Electric that, the most challenging part of NFPA 70E, is the training. Let Electrician of Tulsa Electric help with that.