Working 1 PreviewWhen looking for an industrial electrician in Tulsa, look no further than Tulsa Electric. Tulsa Electric employees the safest, most capable electrician workforce in Tulsa or, anywhere else for that matter. Our electrician workforce can handle any project that comes their way. From troubleshooting to new projects, our electrician in Tulsa can do it all.

One of the most complicated systems an industrial facility can have is their distribution system. Our electrician at Tulsa Electric can help. Various types of systems can be present in industrial plants. Different electrical systems have different electrical characteristics. Different characteristics means different work methods. Our electrician Tulsa Electric has the understanding and the tools to identify these systems and can apply the best work method as needed.

Our electrician Tulsa Electric has a wide variety of experience and knowledge with medium voltage systems. Electrician of Tulsa Electric can install, troubleshoot, and test medium voltage systems. Electrician of Tulsa Electric can troubleshoot and make recommendations for protective systems as well. Electrician of Tulsa Electric are experts in installation of medium voltage systems. Electrician of Tulsa Electric can terminate (install stress cones) cable ends and splice sections with precision, the right way, the first time.

As mentioned, our electrician at Tulsa Electric can identify different distribution systems. The most common commercial system in use today is the WYE system. Electrician of Tulsa Electric can work with WYE systems to make sure that they are installed correctly with proper installation methods and are compliant with the National Electrical Code. WYE systems are commonly used with lighting and receptacle loads. These are three-phase systems.

Another type of distribution system is the Delta system. These systems are commonly found in older industrial settings. Electrician Tulsa Electric has the experience to understand that these systems require special consideration and attention when handling. Delta systems can literally operate with a ground on the circuit which can lead to catastrophic equipment failures. Electrician at Tulsa Electric can identify problems and provide solutions for quality repairs.

Electrician at Tulsa Electric recognizes that industrial process facilities usually have complex control systems and functions that need to stay online 24/7. Some of these systems require the use of back up equipment such as generators, UPS’s, and transfer switches. Our electrician Tulsa Electric can help maintain, troubleshoot, and provide a preventative maintenance program that will increase reliability of the equipment.

Electrician at Tulsa Electric can help with switchgear and transformers as well. Electrician at Tulsa Electric can perform switchgear maintenance as well. Insulator replacement, cleaning, torque/tighten, and testing. We have resources for power circuit breaker (oil and open types) testing/repair/maintenance as well. Electrician Tulsa Electric can perform infrared scanning (therm-ography) as well. Infrared scans can reveal loose connections in distribution systems that can lead to premature equipment failure.

Oil filled transformers require special attention and maintenance that dry type transformers don’t. Electrician Tulsa Electric has experience with transformer maintenance. Oil filled (dielectric/insulating) transformers should periodically (yearly) have their oil tested for gases that could be present. Different types of gasses that could be present are hydrogen, acetylene, methane, and ethylene. Transformer performance can be determined based on the concentration of gases that are present in the transformer oil. Electrician of Tulsa Electric has the resources to provide this very valuable service.

Electrician at Tulsa Electric has years of experience with Turn Around/Shut Down Planning. These types of projects can be logistically complex and costly. Disciplined communication and planning are required. Electrician Tulsa Electric has the experience and know how to implement a Turn Around/Shut Down safely, efficiently, and effectively. Quality does not go unchecked during these types of jobs either. Electrician at Tulsa Electric knows that Safety and quality go hand-in hand.

Electrician at Tulsa Electric does pre-fab work as well. Tulsa Electric recognizes that under some conditions, pre-fabrication saves time and money by reducing material handling, less than desirable on-site conditions, and travel. Electrician Tulsa Electric can pre-fab control panels, distribution panels, conduit bends, underground duct banks, light fixtures, and much more.

Electrician at Tulsa Electric has a lot of experience performing lighting repairs, retrofits, and replacements. We have provided lighting upgrades to many industrial customers. We have repaired all types of high intensity discharge (HID) type lighting as well as, retrofitted HID’s and incandescent type fixtures to LED type. Electrician of Tulsa Electric has helped their customers to recognize that LED lighting cost is coming down and the cost of initial install is well worth the reliability that is gained.

Electrician at Tulsa Electric performs substation work for one of the large power companies. The substation work consists of installing transformer bushing monitoring systems on their 345 KV/138 KV substations. These monitoring systems constantly monitor the condition of the transformer bushings. Transformer bushings are the parts of a transformer that carry the voltage from the transmission or distribution system, through the transformer winding, and then back out through the out-put side of the transformer. Electrician Tulsa Electric understands that this is a very important customer. The work that Electrician at Tulsa Electric performs increases the reliability of the whole southwestern district power grid. This is the portion of the national power grid that supplies power from Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and portions of southern California.

Electrician at Tulsa Electric hold Safety as our number one priority. Electrician at Tulsa Electric has a philosophy that a safe work environment increases productivity and moral. The safety of our employees is our # 1 rule. Electrician Tulsa Electric employees are empowered to make decisions and choices based on the safest way to proceed with a task. Electrician at Tulsa Electric employees utilize tools such JSA’s, JHA’s, jobsite inspections, and training to keep themselves, co-workers, and customers safe each, and every day.

Electrician at Tulsa Electric will answer calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Electrician Tulsa Electric understands that time is money for our customers. We are here to support them in any way needed. This can include a phone call in the middle of the night or, on a weekend. Electrician at Tulsa Electric is available at any time.