Outdoor Building SupplyThe 2014 national electrical code defines residents as a dwelling unit. Quotations a single unit, providing complete and independent living facilities for one or more persons, including permit provisions for living, sleeping, cooking, and sanitation.

There are also definitions for one family to family and multi family dwellings. Chances are you live in a dwelling unit. Most residents in the US have electricity available in the home. Tulsa electric and electrician of Tulsa are experts in servicing your dwelling.

Homes framing members are made a variety of materials, including wood, steel, brick, and unconventional means. The wood framing members are the most common. Electrician of Tulsa drill holes, nails boxes, and pulls Romex through framing material. Wood framed Homes are easy to work with and Tulsa electric has a lot of experience installing and servicing homes constructed this way.

Steel framed dwellings are more labor intensive. Electrician of Tulsa requires different tools to wire a still frame residents. The type of tools and materials used in wiring this type of home are a lot different than wood frame homes. Tulsa electric punches holes with a special hole punch made for metal studs.

Tulsa Electric also uses metal boxes and mud rings in place of plastic ones. Metal boxes need to be screwed to the studs. Metal clad cable, commonly called MC cable, is routed through steel framing members. Tulsa electric with electrician of Tulsa can accomplish this work in a safe and timely manner.

Framing methods that are not common in dwellings, but are being used and adapted to the residential market are, cinderblocks, hay bales , container homes, and log cabins. Tulsa electric has the ability to provide any of these types of homes with a functioning electrical system. The tools, materials and methods may be uncommon but electrician of Tulsa use the current national electrical code to make your dwelling unit safe and functional. Tulsa electric are problem solvers with the skills to successfully wire your home.

The construction of your home will greatly affect the types of material, tools, and methods Tulsa electric uses to wire your residence. Temporary power is the first step in a successful construction project. Tulsa electric coordinates with the local utility provider to meet the requirements for temporary power at your site. Electrician Tulsa build and set the temporary power pole. This is a freestanding power pole close to the construction site.

Tulsa electric will coordinate with the authority having jurisdiction in the area. This assures the construction professionals like electrician Tulsa at Tulsa electric had met the national electrical code requirements. The utility provider will hook up a service drop to the power pole. The temporary service is ready for use.

Construction on your residence begins and Tulsa electric prepares for the rough in phase of construction. The ruff in is used to describe the installation of your electrical system before insulation and sheet rock. Tulsa electric verifies the prints, or drawings, with the homeowner to make sure everything is still accurate according to the drawings This stage includes mounting boxes on framing members and in the ceiling joists. These boxes will be used for lights, receptacles, switches, smoke detectors and low-voltage devices. Tulsa electric will drill or punch holes in the framing members for routing wire.

Residential Service

Installation of the service and distribution panel is completed at this time. Electrician of Tulsa will arrive on the job site for this step when the roof is complete. This is commonly referred to as dried in. This is the time Tulsa electric goes to work. Electrician Tulsa takes great pride in completing a rough in. When complete, we call inspection have inspector come out and look everything over make sure it’s compliant with the national electrical code.

The residence has been roughed in. An electrical inspection has taken place and passed. The home is ready for the next phase of the electrical installation. The next phase of electrical work electrician Tulsa is preparing for is the top out. This term is used to describe the installation of your devices, for example the receptacles, the switches, smoke detectors, lights, and ceiling fans. Tulsa electric electrician Tulsa will also hook up the appliances at this time.

Appliance retailers sometimes have their own personnel install and hook up the appliances. Tulsa electric will make up the distribution panel with all the breakers and all circuits. Tulsa Electric will set all the disconnecting equipment for the HVAC, pool, or other large loads that require a disconnecting means. The homeowner can be assured that Tulsa electric will make sure every device works every switch works every light works and you have a fully functioning electrical system for your dwelling unit.

Every home must have a COP, certification of occupancy. Tulsa electric calls for an inspection three times during your construction project. The first is an inspection on the temporary power pole. The second is on the rough in. The third is on the final inspection, which we call topping out. When all inspections are done and passed by the authority having jurisdiction, Tulsa electric will be off the job. When Tulsa electric finishes a job, the job ends, but our customer service carries on. Electrician Tulsa takes great pride in accomplishing our work.

Electrician Tulsa of Tulsa electric not only do we do new residential work, we are also experts at servicing existing homes. Existing homes offer a new set of challenges. They have already had everything complete, everything is covered up with insulation and sheetrock. Tulsa electric can install devices with cut in boxes in existing walls. Electrician Tulsa cuts in receptacles, lights, smoke alarms, and any low-voltage devices that you may need. Residential service work usually takes a little more

time, and some specialized tools. Tulsa electric is very respectful of your home, and will make sure your electrical system is installed or serviced in a professional manner.